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Stud Service

The most elite Olde English Bulldogge Shipping Stud Service around. We professionally ship fresh chilled semen weekly. Our stud service prices vary. Feel free to browse out STUD FARM for stats and Pedigrees. We're constantly updating and bettering our program both with knowledge, services, products, and tech-savvy - ness lol. Bare with us and enjoy all our hard work.

Artificial Insemination

We've got everything needed to collect and inseminate your female here. Our time is just as important as yours, but for a price we will make sure this is taken care of. Keep in mind that progesterone testing is the most optimal way to ensure pregnancy. We do not offer this service just yet, but can refer you to our local vet to accepts walk-ins for progesterones. To be clear, this is for clients needing assistance with insemination, this service is included if you're paying a stud service to use one of our own dogs.

Dog Boarding

We do not regularly offer to board, should you be in a pinch we might have the space to help you out. It'll cost you $30 a night. If your dog is here to breed it will still cost you $30 a night.


Raising neonates is no joke. Whelping a litter for someone else is a huge responsibility. Providing this service will no doubt entail a lot of time, energy, and sleepless nights. Supplies alone are expensive. There are more "affordable" whelpers than us, but if we commit to this it will start at $1000/weekly. This does not cover medical bills or transport.


We provide breeding and whelping and business consultation on a case-by-case basis. For now, we're answering and helping as we can, but if you're truly serious about learning how to run a successful program, we are here for you $$$