We are iBulldogges

We're dedicating our lives to creating, curating, and developing our breeding program. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the Olde English Bulldogge breeders while introducing happy and healthy puppies to their families.

Chris' passion and drive can be compared to more of a Sistine Chapel or Dr. Frankenstein type of obsession. A gluttonous and insatiable desire for more, for better, for Bullier. I'd consider him a Master Breeder among very few in this breed or any breed. An elite union or club he doesn't realize he's a part of.

He strives to build a bully or extreme featured OEB that doesn't compromise overall function yet holds true to the hallmarks of a Bulldogge, per standard which calls for a robust and powerful animal. His brand BULKY BUILT, is well known for his TYPE of Oldie.

My approach to breeding Olde English Bulldogges slightly varies. I desire a slightly cleaner (I said slightly) dog with maybe a bit less overall mass but crazy muscle. Think of Body Builder vs. a Physique Body. Both difficult to achieve and here at iBulldogges, it's all genetic. We don't exercise or feed differently from one dog to the next. And lucky for us you can produce both in the same litter. But more-so than the art of breeding, my passion is Dogs. I truly perceive animals, pets but especially dogs as Man's Best Friend. They can make a broken heart whole. And they engage wonderment in a child. Dogs are a child's sibling, confidant, and teacher. They show children love and teach them empathy and compassion. It's like when you're watching a movie, a person dies and it's sad. When a dog dies the whole room is crying. Dogs help us stay emotionally vulnerable.

Pets played a big role in Chris and I's childhood, and now our kids have an even cooler upbringing. We're raising them not only to love and care for animals but best businesses practices, to respect others. To stand by their word and behind their products. To follow their hearts.

Where We Started

Chris has been breeding since the late '90s, and 'Composite Breeding' for just as long, probably the secret to his success. I've been breeding for less than half that. Two very different starts in the breed but we've got at least one thing in common, sheer passion and drive for our Olde English Bulldogge Breeding and Mentoring Program. We've got no other choice in life but to pursue happiness and that's breeding Bad Ass Bulldogges.

Like so many dog lovers I started by breeding my pet quality animals together. Hey, we all started somewhere. Throughout the years and after marrying Chris my eye for quality has matured. Chris, for the most part, decides the pairings. I love the magic and lore of creating life. It just works.

We take pride in mentoring other OEB Breeders. We teach them how to pair their dogs, how to promote and educate others on the breed, how to properly whelp litters, and the business aspect of it.

This is our life's work.