Engineering Badass Bulldogges


Since 1999

Since 1999

We've dedicated our lives to creating, curating, and developing our breeding program. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of the Olde English Bulldogge breeders while introducing happy and healthy puppies to their families.

Once Upon a Time, two Olde English Bulldogge breeders collided and became ONE! Moved halfway across the country, marriage and baby carriage. Together we've become the Baddass Bulldog Producing Powerhouse! We take pride in breeding the best, caring the most, and being as hands-on as possible when it comes to our dogs, pups, KIDS, and Clients!

Who Are We..

We are a Blended Family of many Grown Children. Adrian 21yrs, Jayla 19yrs, Alayjah 18yrs, and together we've created Aro 7yrs and Aurora 5yrs! Chris' mom Jackie raised him with ferrets, cats, and of course dogs. Gina's mom just couldn't say no to any pets including fish, rats, birds, cats, or dogs. Two Families from across the country who didn't have much but always made a way to have animals. Our childhood made us who we are today. We want to instill that passion, love, and compassion for family and furfriends to our children. And maybe give them an edge of entrepreneurship to boot! There are no days off here, there are no set hours here, every day is a toss-up when it comes to dog business, but animal care and husbandry always come first.

Join our JOURNEY of LOVE for the Olde English Bulldogge

Chris is the mastermind when it comes to OEB Type, Conformation, and Movement, and Match Making. And now judging with American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) both Domestic and International.

Gina has made an art of Online Presence via Social Media, Puppy Rearing, and Client Relations. Our kids and grandson are right there in the mix, causin havoc and keepin our pups Very Social!

Follow us for Updates, Pup Announcements, Training, Breeding, Whelping and Breeder Tips & Tricks. What we lack in the organization (things get crazy here), we sure make up in Knowledge, Experience, and just a genuine understanding of both Buyer and Breeder perspectives. Blogs are on the way

Chris & Gina Moore

Engineering Baddass Bulldogges since the '90s

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We have made our mark in the Olde English Bulldogge world and the in the conformation ring as well. From humble beginnings, because we all start somewhere, to where we are now. We've produced more National Winners than any other kennel in the world. Nationals is like the Super Bowl or an annual Olympics. Winning Best Olde English Bulldogge gives you bragging rights for 12 months at least! We're insatiable. The purpose of Dog Showing is to judge your breeding stock against breeders. Raising animals is no simple feat, you must keep up with your fellow competitor.

August 2021, iBulldogges NW GRCH Saints & Sinners' OEDIPUS REX is Currently the #2 ABKC Olde English Bulldogge

He won Best of Breed this weekend under Judge Brian McGee

August 2021, iBulldogges CH Thug Rose..

She's comes out of semi-retirement after almost a two hear show hiatus. She's actually in a local Guardian Home and she was thrilled to come back out. Thug is sister to 2019 National Winner/Grand Champion Oedipus Rex. She earned her Championship title this weekend and won TWO BEST OF BREEDS! She also won one Champion Class towards her Grand Championship title.

August 2021, iBulldogges' KING COBRA makes his show debut

January 2021 Chris Moore becomes an ABKC JUDGE!

"Want to give a Huge ABKC welcome to a true Dogman, long-time friend, and now an OFFICIAL ABKC JUDGE! Welcome to the team, honorable ABKC Judge Chris Moore." - James Cooper (ABKC Mgmt)

Chris Moore

Thirty years is a long time to do anything, but when it comes to dogs three decades is often just getting started. It takes truly a decade to know what you truly like, another decade to make enough mistakes that you learn what to do, and another ten years before you consistently create your vision - Chris Moore

2019 NATIONAL WINNER-Houston, Tx

GRAND CHAMPION Saints & Sinners'


2019 National Best of Winners iBulldogges' Iron Maiden

She also earned her Championship title this day under honorable senior judge Errol Bodden.


Incan Bullies "C.T. Fletcher" we didn't produce this guy but we produced his sire Bulky Built's CORNSTARCH and his dam goes back to our stuff too. Very proud of Incan Bullie's accomplishments.

2016 National CHAMPION CLASS Winner Champion iBulldogges' PLAN B


-Santa Clara, CA






2012 ABKC NATIONALS in Dallas, TX. .. my first ABKC show ever!

This was the first year ABKC recognized the Olde English Bulldogge. I freaked when I got there, I had only been to very small-time shows and this one was HUGE! I didn't win much but my heart was in it! I'm here with Mr. Papa Pit Ron Ramos, my girlfriends and Ch. Bellator and Kirko Bangz