Here at iBulldogges, we take the art of Olde English Bulldogges very seriously. We do this because we both feel like we cannot breathe without this. It is not our job, it's our Passion, our LIFE, and a future for our family. We breed and keep the best Olde English Bulldogges for our program but raising the finest pets for our family is equally important.
They say if you don't stand for something, you fall for anything. Here we hold ourselves to a high standard of Bulldoggin and an even higher standard to our clients. We want you to be so happy with your experience and new furbaby that you'll tell your friends about us.. And that your Olde English Bulldogge turns heads and stops traffic. We want the" WOW What is that and where did you get him from" type of canine companion.

Health Warranty

We expect that our clients provide a loving, enriched, safe, and clean environment, and will provide Veterinary care and take lifelong responsibility for their pup. That they provide proper training, obedience, and socialization to keep their Bulldogge an outstanding representation for the breed and member of society. And in return we do our part in creating a well-balanced Bulldogge that has the look we strive for, is healthy and good-natured. Something we've committed to for generations. We stand behind our Oldies and fully guarantee them against any life-threatening illness or disease that would affect their quality of life. We do not guarantee against any bulldog-related issues that might include Entropia, cherry eye, brachycephalic related / breathing issues, or injuries. We do strive for the best but will not sacrifice type or the overall iBulldogges look. So yes, no living breathing animal is "perfect". Just like people, dogs can succumb to all types of medical issues, but we do work hard to weed them out. We are not in the business of breaking hearts but we want to set realistic expectations for our families. There are treatments, interventions, diet, and exercise regimens that greatly reduce or even alleviate symptoms. We are always here to guide our clients in the proper care of their Olde English Bulldogges for the lifetime of their dogs.


We do provide contracts upon request. Contracts are made to protect the breeder, and yes they'd be easy to hide behind but we just don't think they're right. Ours is a little fairer than the rest of them but the handful of times we have used them it's always those same people that want us to help them out in some way that our contract clearly does not cover. We are much more of a verbal agreement and "handshake" type of business. Our word is everything and we always do what we believe is fair for everyone. But if a contract is your wish, your wish is our command.

Pricing & Payments

Each puppy's price is determined by a number of variables including Color, Substance aka "Bully"ness, Conformation (Structure), Market & Demand, and overall WOW FACTOR. For the most part, our pet homes start at $3,500 and go up from there. Full Rights or the ability to breed will always cost more and will be determined by the factors above.

It does take some time and consideration to price our pups so we will accept deposits towards pups without knowing what exactly their full purchase price will be. Deposits are $500 for pet-priced/quality puppies and a $1000 deposit will hold higher priced pups. Deposits are applied toward the full amount of the puppy and the remainder of the balance is due by the time the puppy is 6wks of age. If the puppy is already 6wks old we would like the full amount for the puppy but will hold for the puppy for half of the asking price, the remainder is due by 8wks of age. Prices are subject to change unless a deposit is placed to hold that puppy at the initial price.

Before sending a deposit please understand that all deposits are Non-Refundable. Depending on the circumstances we will transfer the deposit to another pup or future litter. We will not tie up puppies or future families due to indecisiveness. Please ask landlord/spouse/HOA or any other permissions before placing your non-refundable deposit.

We accept many forms of payment including Bitcoin, Credit Card (4% fee), Venmo, PayPal (friends/family), Zelle, Cashapp, and of course CASH. We also offer military discounts. Contact us to let us know what form of payment works best for you and we will send you our info.


Pick up in Person

More and more our clients are flying into our local airports (DFW and DAL) and We Love It. We are about an hour from the airport but will meet you at the airport with your puppy ready to go! Or you're more than welcome to come here and check out our Doggy Business in person. Flights are sometimes cheaper than paying for another service but be prepared for it to take you all day.

Ground Shipping $500

We work with trusted ground shippers for many years now, we have never had an incident of puppy illness or injury during transport. In fact, we believe our sound relationships with these trusted shippers give us and a little more clout sway and VIP service than other breeders, and we take care of our shippers too. This service costs $500 unless the job is longer or more taking than usual, i.e. in the northeast during a snow storm. We do not use shippers we don't know, we do not use cheaper shippers because our pup's health and well-being are more important. This service typically takes 3 to 5 days from our home to yours. Drop-off times vary immensely and clients must be available for the driver. But they drive all the way up to your home.

Flight Nannies $500

This is a service where an agency has a few flight nannies working for them and flying cross country day to day. The cool thing about this service is you get your puppy very quickly. However, they do fly standby and cannot help a flight change or booked flight. Another downfall is they're usually pretty booked up, so once I meet them at the airport with your pup, you'll be getting him in hours, but waiting for that day can be a while. Once your puppy is fully paid for we can start to arrange transport, so the sooner the better. You must meet your flight nanny at your nearest major airport.

Personal Delivery $500 + the cost of airfare

We can bring your puppy to your nearest major airport ourselves, this service is $500 in addition to airline tickets and all fees included with flying a puppy. We would love to meet all of our families in person and this service affords the opportunity. But it's so hard for one of us to be gone all day with the kids, dogs, and pups. It literally is an event. But we can make an exception if our client really wants us to.

Go Home Day

Everything we've done for the past 8 to 10 weeks brings us to this day. We loved, cared for, nourished, cleansed, and created boundaries for your little guy or gal. We've socialized them, taking them on little outings with their Momma so they feel safe and feed off her happy energy. We've treated them medically and we've begun potty training. Some leash training too. They've lived underfoot of clumsy kids, playful cats, and many strangers. And It's true, a number of our clients have let us know that their puppy has never had an accident!

We don't mind keeping our pups a little longer, this ensures that the pups don't get too spoiled too soon (which is the #1 reason for all bad behaviors) and we keep up with the boundaries a little longer too. We want to empower puppies, not enable them. Pups must be picked up by 10 weeks or we'll start to charge boarding/training fees. Which is okay too but must all be arranged and paid for upfront.

If you pick up your puppy in person we will hand you your Puppy Package, including food, toys, treats, and puppy pads. If your puppy must travel we will have your Puppy Package shipped to you.

Lifetime Take-Back

We are ultimately responsible for every dog we've produced. We welcome ANY dog we produced to be surrendered to us at any age of their life no matter the circumstance. We know life happens and we are always here to support our families and our pups. We will arrange transport, rehabilitation, and adoption of these guys.

We do not "REFUND" pups due to Buyers Remorse, but again, we encourage that any dog that is unwelcome, unwanted, or a burden be brought back to us.

Included with your Purchase

iBulldogges Olde English Bulldogge Puppies include,

Health Warranty

We guarantee and stand behind our puppies for their lifetime. Not this one-year nonsense you see online. What can happen in a year!

Vet Checked

We do not like to take perfectly healthy puppies to a place where everyone takes sick animals, but we must for airline travel and we certainly confer with our licensed veterinarians should any symptoms occur. And will take in any pup or adult if need be.

Shot Records

We administer vaccinations ourself but we purchase guaranteed vaccines directly from our Veterinarian. Our vaccination protocol has Never Let Us Down!

Puppy Insurance

Another trend started that many have followed, and that's pretty awesome. We've partnered with Trupanion Pet Insurance to provide our puppies with coverage from the moment they leave our home, whether pick up in person or shipped. It's the client's responsibility to begin the coverage the day the pup leaves or the day before. This free month of puppy insurance protect your puppy from accident or illness. When the puppy leaves their litter and everything they know, this is the most stressful time of their life and them becoming sick during this month is not unlikely. Why not be covered.


We now microchip every animal that leaves this place no matter what. We feel responsible for any life we have created and should one of our productions end up lost or in a shelter we want to be notified along with the family we trusted them to.

Puppy Papers

Now I can't guarantee that puppy papers will be here when the puppy is ready to go home. Typically this is our fault as we procrastinate when registering litters admittingly. But with the puppy market in such high demand, the ABKC is flooded. It's taking a little longer than usual to get our papers back. Chris actually called the owner of the ABKC to ask about this since many of our fellow breeders come to us with their concerns. The owner asked Chris, "is business good"? to which Chris replied YES, and his response was "exactly". If the breeders are busy then the registry is even more so.

With that being said, every puppy will always come with Registration Papers and be LIMITED REGISTRATION aka pet homes unless otherwise discussed. Full Registration can be discussed.

Puppy Packs

Every puppy has their bag of supplies including dog food, toys, some gently used toys if I have any (I like them to have something to remember us by), treats and puppy pads, maybe a cow hoof, or whatever Chris grabs that day. We'll hand over the puppy packs in person or have them shipped to you.

Lifetime Breeder Support

You don't know the craziness that occurs until it does, and that's why we always want to be available to you. When you purchase a puppy from us you can call us anytime, day or night. We don't want you to sweat the small stuff, that's what we're for. Sometimes we can help you from having to go to the vet too but highly encourage you to build a relationship with a vet near you. Especially in case of emergencies. Your pup has diarrhea, easy. Your pup is having a reaction to a vaccination, easy. How many times a day does your dog need to eat, or when is an appropriate age to spay or neuter (the older the better.) We are here for you and in some cases feel we can help you more than a vet, especially when it comes to repo or bulldog-related issues.

Invite to our iBulldogges Community Page

Community is such a huge part of our lives, and we've all got many circles we're a part of, why not have a group of fellow BULLDOGGERS.. but better than that, iBulldoggers... We've spent many years on Facebook in random OEB groups seeing the same questions being asked day after day and their ridiculous answers. Well, we've failed at educating the masses lol, but we take a special interest in our families. Our community is more in the know than the average OEB owner and of course, we're always here for you guys.

We're always striving to not only give you the Best Product out there but the Best Experience with a Breeder! After all, dog breeding is a privilege and we’re very fortunate to have that right! But we couldn’t do it without so many loving client homes.

Please contact us anytime,

Chris & Gina

(469) 585-0903