$3000 pet price

$4000 full rights

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NAJA is a super duper cool FEMALE.. My favorite at first site, I love her full black suit and white head and of course her black eye patch! She is a little attitudy Judy which we love too! If you want a girl like her be ready to do some socilization and obedience training. Well that couldn't hurt with any Bulldog!



This litter was born during our first vacation ever in Mexico. They were born on New Years! A few days later we picked up the batch along with their Momma Xena from our great friend and professional whelper, Monique. The pups and Momma looked great. But we couldn't get Xena to eat. She was somewhat producing milk but it wasn't enough. We tried to use another lactating Momma to feed em but we just couldn't get it together. And Xena kept losing more and more weight. From a girl that was 100lbs give or take we were now in the '70s, that's a huge weight loss. We tried every food, raw meat, organ meat, canned food, just about everything for picky dogs you could think of. Appetite stimulants, injections, and oral! And then we caught her eating our new fancy heating pad, like the cord and plastic, and VIOLA!!! She must have eaten something, I mean anything and everything except HER FOOD!. We rushed her to the Vet and confirmed she had foreign objects lodged in her stomach. After emergency surgery, she RECOVERED! She's nearly back to her prime weight and looks better than ever! But yes her pups did take a toll, as bottle-fed puppies do. But now they are PERFECT! Xena is a Keyser Soze daughter and Cobra might just be our coolest boy at the moment!


Feisty and Playful, not a shy girl at all




Very Clean


Black and White




Great topskull and stop! Excellent head type for such a young girl. Crazy eye spread


Fun Loving and Playful.. She is always messing with her big brothers


Looking nice



Dam: XENA of iBulldogges

Sire: iBulldogges KING COBRA