Sir MACs A lot x RUBY

Due November 15th, 2021

We Just PURCHASED MAC BACK!!! We Needed All That Bull! It's No Secret that out OCEAN x G2 sons are KILLING IT Production Wise.. We need more of that BULL on the Home Team. After all, this is your BULLDOGGE CONNECT! No regula schmegula here!

SABK's RUBY has had a litter for us before, she's an excellent producer too! Can't wait til she has some OLDE BULLS.. No mas Americans lol.. Let's shorten up some leg, toss on mass and subastance and keep some of that tight skin and muscle!

We are now accepting deposits to be placed on this litter's RESERVATION LIST.

  • 1st PICK MALE -

  • 1st PICK FEMALE -

  • 2nd PICK MALE -

  • 2nd PICK FEMALE -

Chris & Gina

(469) 585-0903