Keyser x Hearsay

Keyser has produced some extremely well put together dogs with insane substance! This is the year of Keyser, we’re making more of them! Bully, Blue carriers, Square in Nature. We’re looking to make huge heads too! Keyser & Tux in one.

Keyser x Jezebel

We've got pups coming back to us on this Partnership Breeding with our friends Almost Heaven Bullyz in WV. Cant wait for these blue carrying BULKY BUILT Keyser pups to surface! Keyser X Godzillah

Blackzilla x Wifi

Bulky Built's WIFI (Bulky Built's Cornstarch daughter) bred to iBulldogges Blackzilla. This is a repeat breeding that produced Phat Back and Wifi's final litter. Partnership breeding with Zach at Best Kept Secret Bulldogs in Virginia. We'll be picking up two black and white females. Very bully girls, can carry blue.

Mack Daddy x Krush

Chocolate Stud MACK DADDY x KRUSH daughter of Keyser Soze. Expecting size, muscularity and function. Mack carries blue and Krush carries chocolate and could carry tri. This is alot of dogge, this is what we like. It's taken us years to bring so much

Mack Daddy x Mean Girl

We're expecting BIG, BLUE and BULLY. Bringing our size back up.. Pups will be blue and possibly chocolate & lilac. These are double SABK's TUX. With Mack's incredible head type and this girls ribcage, we're sure to hit some home runs!